About “Have We Lost Our Common Sense?”

We as a people of a proud and historic nation have watched as our economy was fractured badly during the 2001 period through 2009. The lust for big power and wealth has caused some leaders of government, business, and religion to have more ambition to achieve their own personal success than to care about those persons they are responsible in leading and protecting.

Our political system has lost the ability or desire to have bi-partisan teamwork to make the quality of life better for our children and grandchildren.

My goal is to get us to seek and find solutions to problems and not just whine and gripe among ourselves for self gain.

I am a small town boy from Kentucky who was fortunate to get to go to college on a basketball scholarship. My college education may not have been possible without athletics. Three years as a young Marine Corps Officer gave me an opportunity to see life from another vantage point. Forty years as an Executive in the Auto Industry and an opportunity to live in eleven different states and one territory and raise a family of five gave me another good perspective on life.

This book has been born from the memories and actual experiences I have enjoyed from relationships and friendships with many interesting personalities from Baseball Great Roberto Clemente to former Governor George Nigh of Oklahoma to many top executives in industry. I have seen the “Good, the Bad” and even the Ugly” of life. Fortunately I have seen so many good and kind people that the bad and the ugly have been overcome.

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