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Have We Lost Our Common Sense?

I am blessed to have been able to finish my first book at age 77. I want you and my grandchildren and future generationsto continue to have an opportunity to pursue your dreams with hope and faith. I was born in the midst of the “GreatDepression” in 1933 and just a few short years later hugged my dad goodbye as he and millions of others left us to fight inWorld War II. I remember in our sadness and fear we stuck together, rich and poor, to support our brave defenders ofliberty. At the latter days of my life I have seen us plunge back into a depression and I have seen our brave men andwomen sent to fight in a distant and dangerous part of the world. They and their families carry the burden of war but unlikethe days when my father was gone, they are fighting and dying while at home the wealthiest 2-3% of our populationclamor for a tax cut to be kept that should never have been made in the first place. “To whom much is given, much isexpected.”Today I also watch as some of our citizens are demonized because they may be different than some religiouszealots believe they should be.We must never forget we were all created by the same creator. God loves allthe little children of the world and that includes the “Red and yellow, brown, black and white, and includespeople from all across the world, and the gay and lesbians, and the women who have abortions, and the poorand lowly.There are common sense ways of getting things done and the key is to have a good mix of inspiration,perspiration, and determination to climb out of trouble. We must get our nation back together. The hard rightand the far left must reach some sense of common ground on the issues that divide them. We must bereasonable and come together to get our nation back to a strong foundation. The period 2001 to now has beena terrible period. The spin experts now want to saddle President Obama for the blame for all our problems. It istime to stop blaming each other and get together to make life better for all our people. Government can’t solveall our problems. Each of us must carry our fair share of this burden.I’m interested in answering your questions and listening to your differences in opinion. I am not trying tochange your opinions and beliefs but to get us to respect each other and our other neighbors. Thanks very much.

Bob Terrell